Alberto Puello Claims WBA Super Lightweight Title Over Batyr Akhmedov

Alberto Puello has done it.

Puello won the vacant WBA super lightweight by dominating Uzbekistan’s Batyr Akhmedov in a 12-round bout on Saturday at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Puello won the contest in a split decision with scorecards 117-111, 117-111 and 113-115, with the height and reach of the Quechuan being the key to defeating the overbearing and belligerent Uzbek.

Puello’s stinging jabs and straight lefts helped rack up the points needed for his victory, although Akhmedov still made his job harder with an incessant onslaught which tangled him up a few times.

The Dominican boxer set the tone for the first round by landing a hard with just 20 seconds to go. Puello continued to be the aggressor for the next two rounds.

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In the fourth, Akhmedov caught Puello and snuck in a right hook that forced his opponent on the ropes. But Puello didn’t stay there, the bell sounded over 20 seconds later.

Both boxers had their moments during the sixth round, especially when Akhmedov seemed to hurt Puello with a barrage of body shots during the last 20 seconds of that round. Puello clinched as the round ended.

The Dominican boxer continued to stand ground against the Uzbekistan for the reminder of the bout. Akhmedov tried to push to get the jump on Puello, but Puello didn’t waver much.

According to CompuBox’s unofficial statistics, Akhmedov landed 16 more punches overall. He also had more power punches while Puello had more jabs.

The crowd booed when Showtime’s Jimmy Lennon Jr announced the decision.

The new 140 lbs. champion’s record now stands at 21 wins with 10 knockouts, while Akhmedov stands at nine wins, two setbacks and eight knockouts.

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