B.J. Penn Hospitalized, Being Investigated For DUI

UFC Hall of Famer B.J. Penn is at the forefront of another controversy. The former UFC Lightweight and Welterweight Champion was involved in a single-car accident last weekend in his hometown of Hilo, Hawaii. He is now bring investigated for a possible DUI violation.

An initial report by Big Island Now discusses details provided by Captain Ken Quiocho. He stated that Penn lost control while driving a black pickup truck, flipping the vehicle in front of a shopping mall. Penn (16-4-2) was then transported to a local hospital, Hilo Medical Center) , where he is currently staying. It is unknown what his condition is at this time.

The report goes on to say that a blood test was conducted this past Friday. Results of a BAC test in Hawaii are invalid if procured for more than three hours following the incident. Hospitals do take samples of patients upon arrival, however, and specific information is chosen to be released. Quicho believed that speed was “certainly a factor” in the crash, and did not disclose the BAC level of Penn.

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This is the latest of unfortunate situations involving Penn. Last April, he was issued a restraining order by the mother of his children, citing domestic violence. He also threatened a man with a machete, got involved in one fight at a strip club and was knocked out following a bar fight in Hawaii.

UFC President Dana White released Penn back in September after the incidents took place, with hope that he would get his life sorted out.

“Listen, I don’t wanna sit here on TV and pick B.J. apart on his life or whatever,” White stated to ESPN. “I think that we all know what B.J. Penn needs to do and hopefully B.J. Penn knows what B.J. Penn needs to do. Not gonna sit here like I’m his father or I’m some guy who’s above him and pointing the finger at B.J. and B.J. needs to do this and that. What I saw in that video was sad. I love the kid and I hope he gets his life together.”

Before he was let go, Penn was 1-9-1 in his last eleven fights, and hasn’t won a bout since 2010.