Benoit Saint-Denis’s Coach Explains Why He Didn’t Throw In The Towel

Their showdown had blood, sweat and whatever it takes for a referee to stop the fight, but it never happened.

Dos Santos went on to win via decision. Former UFC heavyweight champ and now a commentator, Daniel Cormier was screaming to get the fight stopped, but match official Vyacheslav Kiselev didn’t think so.

After the fight, he was replaced by another referee for the rest of the event. Even UFC president Dana White was shocked to see Kiselev’s refereeing.

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While Saint-Denis’ team had the chance to stop the fight by throwing a towel inside the cage, but his coach Daniel Woirin has explained why he would never stop the bout in such a way.

“Never in my life would I have thrown in the towel,” he said. “The referee it’s true that he could have stopped it at one point, I thought he was going to stop it but he didn’t. Benoit has been able to pull himself together in phases. He took a lot of punches but he was able to pull himself together, which allowed him to survive.”

The coach feels that people are “too sensitive” nowadays.

He added: “This is the fight, the fight is hard… Benoit is a warrior, for his first fight in the UFC he will lose before the (time) limit? It’s not possible. We also discussed it after the fight and he told me that I was right not to throw in the towel. It didn’t even pass a second in my head, not even a second and you can see he got back into the fight.”

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