Bloody Clash Of Heads Forces Israil Madrimov-Michel Soro Rematch To Technical Draw

The rematch between Israil Madrimov and Michel Soro ended in a technical draw.

The junior middleweight rematch ended after three rounds after a bad clash of heads.

Madrimov started the bout by jabbing the head and body while Soro was looking for an opening to counter.

In the second round, Madrimov turned it up a notch and pressed forward as he landed big punches.

At the start of the third round, the two clashed their heads, which opened a deep cut above Soro’s left eye. Photos show the blood dripping from the wound.

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Ringside doctors tended to and examined the cut, and quickly waved off the fight.

Their first meeting in December in Uzebekistan ended in controversy.

The referee stopped the fight after the bell as Madrimov was landing shots on Soro. Madrimov was given the TKO victory after nine rounds.

The WBA ordered a rematch later on.

The technical draw lands on Madrimov’s 8-0 record and Michel Soro’s 35-3 stat sheet.

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