Caleb Plant Throws A Drink At Ryan Garcia As A Brawl Breaks Out

Caleb Plant threw a drink at Ryan Garcia as a brawl broke out.

The two fighters were in attendance as Gervonta Davis knocked out Frank Martin in the eighth round. Before the fight took place, both boxers exchanged verbals on social media. Plant slammed Garcia’s two failed VADA tests for Ostarine, forcing Ryan to respond.

“Regardless say what you want there wasn’t any amount of ostarine that could’ve helped me beat up Mr Haney,” to which Plant replied:  “Then why take it?”

Garcia then fired some words towards Plant’s wife Jordan Plant.

Garcia: “@SweetHandsPlant I personally would never let someone speak about my woman like that but that’s just me…I’m going to hurt Caleb Plant physically.”

As they crossed paths, Plant threw a drink at Ryan, as a brawl broke out.

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