Canelo Dominates Munguia To Remain Undisputed Champion

Canelo Alvarez kept his Undisputed Super Middleweight Title with a unanimous decision win over Jaime Munguia.

Munguia started the fight well, showing he was here to win. The challenger used his jab, taking control of the center and trying to push Canelo back. The crowd were behind Munguia, who received the louder cheers in a solid first round.

Canelo increased the work rate, landing a crisp right hand in the second on Munguia’s temple. Munguia began to let his hands go in the third, dropping his right hand and leaving him open to the counter. Alvarez landed a counter left before the bell, a sign of danger for Munguia. 

Alvarez made Munguia pay, measuring the distance well, to make his opponent miss with a left. As he did so, Canelo landed a left hook-right uppercut to send Munguia to the canvas. A huge 10-8 round put Alvarez in the lead. With Munguia behind, Canelo began to break down his fellow Mexican.

In the second half of the fight, Canelo targeted Munguia’s body, landing crisp shots to the midsection in the seventh. Munguia was slowly fading, but Alvarez failed to overcommit in fear of his opponent’s firepower. Munguia tried to land power punches but was countered with a left hook.

With Munguia out of ideas, he earned himself a warning for hitting Alvarez with a low blow in the ninth. Canelo’s superior accuracy was crucial, leaving Munguia looking for a knockout. In his attempt to do so, he overcommitted as Canelo’s right hand buckled him in the 12th. However, Munguia made it to the final bell, with Canelo taking the decision: 117-110, 116-111 and 115-112. Following the win, Canelo admitted he would fight Benavidez if the money was right. But for now, he plans on taking a rest before making his next move, even though Edgar Berlanga has teased a fight in September. 

And yet, Canelo has been accused of blocking two reporters, Ricardo Celis and David Faitelson, from getting press credentials for the Munguia fight. Celis has been calling Canelo’s fights for DAZN since 2018. He was replaced by Jaime Motta. Celis claims Canelo’s team did not want him part of the broadcast. Faitelson also accused Canelo’s team of denying him media credentials.

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“I have spent 35 years working in boxing. I have narrated thousands of fights. I’ve never had a fighter veto me or put this kind of censorship. It’s like a warning, ‘If you talk bad about me, the same thing that happened to Ricardo and David is going to happen to you.’ It is a very bad precedent,” Celis said

“It seems to me that this is a terrible outrage, the truth is that I still don’t understand it,” Faitelson said in an interview with Mexican newspaper El Universal. “I think Saul ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, who I think is a magnificent boxer, has to understand that criticism is part of his career. He has to assimilate it and understand it,” Faitelson stated

Despite this being the case, Canelo denied being responsible.

“Not at all, the company is the one in charge of that, I’m not in charge of that, I’m involved in my own thing, focused on what I have to do. If the company vetoed him, he must have his reasons too. He is a person who discredits every one of my fights, so why do they want him here? I think the company has many reasons,” Canelo revealed


Full Card

Canelo Alvarez (c) def. Jaime Munguia via a UD: (117-110, 116-111, 115-112)

Mario Barrios (c) def. Fabian Maidana via a UD: (116-111, 116-111, 116-111)

Brandon Figueroa (c) def. Jessie Magdaleno via a ninth-round KO

Eimantas Stanionis (c) def. Gabriel Maestre via a UD: (119-109, 118-110, 117-111)

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