Carlos Adames Stops Julian Williams, Fernando Martinez Retains His IBF Junior-Bantamweight Title

In a triple-header event, Showtime featured an exciting three-bout boxing event from ‘The Armory’ in Minneapolis.

Carlos Adames kept his WBC interim middleweight title after beating Julian Williams via a controversial nine-round TKO. 

Adames’ early pressure paid off, as he targeted the body and head of his opponent to dominate the first two rounds. 

Williams woke up to the pressure in the third, as he boxed behind his jab and utilized some combinations to keep Adames at bay. 

Adames only came back stronger in the next round with some right hands to stop the momentum, as his body work paid off at the halfway point. 

And as the bout entered the latter stages, Williams buckled under the pressure. In the ninth round, Adames backed up Williams to the ropes as he let fly with combinations to the head and midway section.

But just as Willaims seemed to have handled the barrage, the referee stopped the fight, even with Williams on his feet. 

At the time of the stoppage Adames was ahead on all of the cards: 78-74, 77-74 and 80-72.


“I think it was a terrible stoppage. But what can I do? I’m healthy, I feel fine. I thought it was a terrible stoppage.

“I thought the fight was pretty much even and I was taking over, and he was getting tired. You know what I mean? But what can I do,” Williams

“A typical A-side stoppage,” Williams’ trainer, Stephen Edwards

“I think the referee stopped it [at the right time]. Because he could’ve really got hurt. … That’s when the referee stopped it, when I hit him with those two rights. And if I would’ve hit him with another one, he would’ve got really hurt,” Adames

Fernando Martinez Beats Jade Bornea

Fernando Martinez beat Jade Bornea to keep his IBF junior-bantamweight title via an eleventh-round stoppage.

The undefeated star did not have the best of openings. The slow pace by Martinez was picked up by Bornea, as the latter outboxed his opponent in the early rounds.

His counterpunching was particularly effective to the body and the head as Martinez sought to close the gap. But that early resilience soon began to wear off.

Amp Ad

Martinez upped the ante as he pushed Bornea onto the ropes with some brutal right hands that peppered his opponent’s left eye.

The pace began to pick up, as Bornea had never gone past the tenth round. And in the eleventh round, the bout was stopped as Bornea’s earlobe bled heavily, causing the referee Charlie Fitch to step in.

At the time of the stoppage, Martinez was ahead on all the scorecards: 97-93, 98-92 and 97-93.

The victory gave Martinez the second defense of his title after having beaten Jerwin Ancajas by unanimous decision.


“I definitely saw the injury in the ear. The inflammation was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I hit him with a left and it popped, exploded.

“I even told the referee be cautious I think he’s really hurt. That’s when I just kept going at the ear and trying to finish this fight. I kept on going for blood like a shark on a mission. 

“Enough is enough. I want to face the champions. We made it evident that we are very superior to the number one contender and now we want the truly big fights,” Martinez

“The first seven rounds were pretty even, but then I had the injury to my ear. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. I tried to keep fighting to the end,” Bornea

Lubin Bounces Back

Erickson Lubin knocked out Luis Arias in the fifth round to record an impressive win. 

Lubin landed a left hand to the midsection followed by a right hook upstairs to stop Arias.

While the latter did manage to get up, the referee deemed that he did not beat the count, even if Arias complained the knockdown was via a rabbit punch. 

The victory was vital, as Lubin bounced back from his loss to Sebastian Fundora.

And at the time of the stoppage, Lubin was ahead on two of the scorecards with the last one even: 40-36, 39-37, and 38-38.

Full Results

Carlos Adames def. Julian Williams via a nine-round TKO

Fernando Martinez def. Jade Bornea via an eleventh-round TKO

Erickson Lubin def. Luis Arias via a fifth-round KO

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