Cedric Doumbe’s PFL Europe Defeat Marked By Controversial Stoppage

Cedric Doumbe suffered his first MMA loss in controversial circumstances in a PFL bout with Baysangur Chamsoudinov.

The two fighters headlined PFL Europe from the Accor Arena, Paris, on March 7. With the fight in the balance, referee Marc Goddard stopped the bout in the third after Doumbe complained about a foot problem. In the first round, Chamsoudinov took Doumbe to the ground. Doumbe got off the ground but struggled with Chamsoudinov’s fast pace.

The second round was much better for Doumbe, as he landed with his right hand on numerous occasions. The fight was evenly matched, but it all changed in the third. After the start of the third round, Chamsoudinov gestured to Doumbe, urging him to fight. Doumbe looked at the referee, pointing to his foot to show he had a problem, as Goddard stopped the fight.


Doumbe immediately protested but to no avail. The defeat took Doumbe’s record to 5-1, while Chamsoudinov moved to 8-0. Doumbe immediately showed the bottom of his foot to his corner, highlighting a problem. In his post-fight comments, Doumbe revealed something in his foot that he wanted to remove before continuing the fight.

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“I didn’t want to stop the fight, not at all. I wanted to fight, as everybody saw. … But I have a small glass in my foot. I don’t know, inside the cage. It’s hurting me. I just wanted to remove it and keep going. So the referee told me, ‘You can’t stop.’ I said OK. I wanted to fight, and then my opponent is looking at me, he says something is annoying me, just remove it, and then we stop both, together. Looking at the referee, and then he stopped the fight. That’s not his fault, that’s the referee’s fault. It is what it is,” Doumbe said 


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