Chingiz Allazov Stuns Superbon Singha Mawynn With Knock Out

It looks like Chingiz Allazov has a new tendency of eliminating one legendary kickboxer after another.

At the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand, on January 13, “Chinga” followed that streak by knocking out Superbon Singha Mawynn in the second round to unseat the Thai superstar and win the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Title. 

Allazov raced in and out of Superbon’s range as the two pound-for-pound greats engaged in their first exchange, with the latter attempting to contain the Azerbaijani-Belarusian attacker. 

At some point, the ONE wrestler with one of the best beards proved he wasn’t scared to challenge Superbon. Right hands used by Allazov in an aggressive yet methodical approach caused the defending king’s chin to shift sideways. 

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But what really got people’s attention was the Gridin Gym athlete’s smacking left high kick. Although the head kick didn’t quite land, “Chinga” came close to giving Giorgio Petrosyan the same beating that Superbon had given Giorgio Petrosyan in order to win the first ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Title in 2021. 

The second round went off to a scorching start for the #1 contender, but Superbon was shaken by a Superman punch. Following with a flurry of hands, Allazov hit the Singha Mawynn representative with another right, knocking him to the ground. 

Superbon received his eight-count and attempted to reenter the battle, but “Chinga” startled him with another striking combo, causing him to go to the ground once more. The Thai’s sense of invincibility appeared to fade after the second knockdown as Allazov’s confidence grew. 

Allazov rushed forward his opponent and drove him back with punches and blows as soon as referee Olivier Coste restarted the bout. The 29-year-old then sting Superbon with a stunning right hand to record the walk-off KO at 1:03 of round two as he leaped from the Circle Wall. 

Allazov won the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Championship golden belt, which he will undoubtedly display beside his ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Grand Prix Championship silver strap. He also received a US$50,000 performance bonus and the ability to challenge any opponent on the roster. 

Regian Eersel, the ONE Lightweight Kickboxing and Muay Thai World Champion, was the opponent when he did so, perhaps paving the way for a historic meeting of divisional kings. 

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