Christian Mbilli Beats Carlos Gongora Via Unanimous Decision-Here’s What Happened

Christian Mbilli, with a record of 24 wins and 20 knockouts, faced his most challenging opponent yet in Carlos Gongora, with 21 wins and 16 knockouts, in a ten-round super middleweight fight. 

Mbilli emerged victorious with a unanimous decision. The judges’ scored the event as follows: 97-93, 98-92, and 99-91. 

In the opening round, Mbilli deviated from his typical pace and took an aggressive approach by attacking Gongora. The two fighters engaged in close-range combat, exchanging powerful blows for the majority of the round.

Thereafter, Mbilli was aggressively moving forward and throwing punches while Gongora was relying on his legwork to deliver strong counterattacks.

However, Gongora’s left uppercut landed heavily on Mbilli, causing him to be badly stunned and almost fall down. Nevertheless, he managed to hold on and regain his composure.

In the third round, Mbilli was throwing a lot of punches and pursuing Gongora, but despite his efforts, he was unable to land any significant hits.

The next round showed both Mbilli and Gongora engaging in a back-and-forth exchange. Although Mbilli was more active and landed more effective punches to the body and head, Gongora also managed to land some powerful blows.

In the fifth, Mbilli maintained a relentless pace, throwing a flurry of punches throughout the round. He continued to press forward and attack without hesitation. When Gongora was hit hard in the sixth round, he retaliated by firing back at Mbilli.

The second half of the fight saw Mbilli continue to work hard while Gongora landed a couple of uppercuts that Mbilli handled well.

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However, in the eighth round, Gongora hit Mbilli with a powerful uppercut that almost knocked him down. Mbilli struggled for the first two minutes but managed to recover in the final minute and counter with strong shots.

During the ninth round, Mbilli utilized both his hands to deliver powerful punches, as Gongora managed to endure on.

Despite feeling exhausted in the tenth and final round, Mbilli continued to outperform Gongora to victory.

Undercard Results:

Simon Kean def. Eric Molina via TKO – Round 7 

Steve Claggett def. Rafael Guzman via KO- Round 7

Luis Santana def. Francisco Arturo Ramirez via TKO- Round 3

Leila Beaudoin def. Laura Mondragon via Decision (Unanimous)

Wilkens Mathieu def. Jose Gonzalez via Decision (Unanimous)

Jhon Orobio def. Alejandro Medina via TKO-Round 1

Vanessa Lepage Joanisse def. Princess Hairston via Decision (Unanimous)

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