Conor McGregor Touches On Prolonged Time Off From MMA

Having not competed in the sport since his devastating leg injury during his 2021 contest with Dustin Poirier, Conor McGregor has now re-entered the USADA drug testing pool and is preparing for his 2024 bout with Michael Chandler.

In a recent interview with Daily Mail Boxing McGregor outlined the reasoning for his extended time off, which has lasted for over two and half years now.

“My retirements were political, right,” Conor McGregor said. “There was political shadiness going on in the background that I was like, ‘Good luck to you guys [the UFC]. I’m out of here.’”

While it absolutely seems that the former double champion toyed with the idea of walking away from the sport for good, McGregor fans can celebrate the fact that no longer seems to be any part of the UFC superstar’s plan.

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“It’s tough to walk away for sure,” Conor McGregor said. “How can I speak on this when I’m never gonna walk away? You know, I’m gonna simply recalibrate my competition.”

In spite of a date currently not being held for the Chandler bout, the latest news surrounding the subject is that is still the fight we can expect next for the Irishman.

One of the biggest questions on many minds, is what version of McGregor will we see when he does in fact return? The last two times that McGregor has competed inside the Octagon it did not go his way, and the victory witnessed most recently for McGregor was way back when he defeated Donald Cerone in January 2020.

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