Dana White Reinforces Colorful Opinion Surrounding PFL’s Acquisition of Bellator

Dana White has never kept how he feels about Bellator and the PFL a secret, but this past Saturday following UFC on ESPN 52 in Austin, Texas, he made his views on the competition even more abundantly clear.

Last month, the PFL successfully acquired Bellator MMA after rumors had been swirling in the weeks leading up to the deal being closed. With the two rosters of fighters combined, PFL founder Donn Davis has been referring to his company as the ‘co-leader’ in the North American MMA space, alongside the UFC.

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“I’ve covered this before; you must’ve not heard it,” White said with mocking undertones. “One sh*tty organization that sells no tickets and nobody watches buys another sh*tty organization that sells no tickets and nobody watches. It sounds like a f*cking winner to me, boy. Right? Woo! Go, guys!”

Undoubtably, the combination of PFL and Bellator is interesting from a matchup standpoint, but not many are jumping on board with the opinion that the organization will even come close to rivaling the success that the UFC continues to stack on the table like poker chips. To put it lightly, Dana White is among the “skeptics”.

In spite of White’s feelings on the subject, Donn Davis feels that the UFC President and CEO is threatened by the powerhouse that he will now have to compete with. Further complicating the landscape, the two organizations will continue sharing a home at ESPN as the PFL has just renewed their broadcast partnership with the sports television leader.

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