Daniel Cormier Lauds Francis Ngannou’s PFL Deal – ‘Congratulations’

Daniel Cormier has praised Francis Ngannou’s recent PFL deal, showing that he was right to become a free agent.

Ngannou left the UFC after contract talks broke down following his win over Ciryl Gane. Thereafter, he was linked with ONE Championship as well as the sport of boxing.

But after holding out and signing with the PFL, Ngannou secured a mega deal. He earned the right to box, as well as taking on an advisory role with the organization.

In addition, his opponents will receive no less than $2 million. Meanwhile, he will receive 50% from the pay-per-view sales in the super fight division, as well as having the freedom to have his own sponsors.

And that is something that Cormier praised the ex-UFC star for doing.

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“You always knew that if anyone was going to set the standard for what is out there as a free agent, it was gonna be Francis.

“The moment he announced that he was gonna be moving on, you knew that the standard and the bar would be set by Francis.

“Congratulations to the former UFC heavyweight champion on really setting a new standard for what is out there in the free-agent market. It feels real after this one. It makes MMA feel real after seeing what Francis Ngannou just did,” Cormier 

Much in the same way, Ngannou has talked up the details of the deal. He made it clear that his role on an advisory board would allow him to represent the interests of other fighters.

And that has already played out since Ngannou has managed to secure lucrative deals for his opponents too. 

“This is the best business decision that I have ever done. At the beginning of my free agency I didn’t know that I could have a deal structure where I could have all this in one deal.

“I have myself a good guarantee, which is more important. And most importantly, I was even able to have a guarantee of $2 million for my opponent, [so] whomever I’m going to fight next is going to make money too,” Ngannou

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