Daniel Dubois Sues Don King For Not Paying Him

British boxer Daniel Dubois got the better of Trevor Bryan in June. However, it wasn’t his victory over the American that grabbed the headlines.

Soon after, the 24-year-old said that he hasn’t been paid his full $1.4 million purse by the veteran promoter Don King.

As per the latest reports, the British heavyweight will be suing the veteran boxer for his inability to pay him up to $900,000 from his last fight. After beating to win the regular WBA title in June, the 24-year-old is looking forward to facing the winner of the battle between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk.

King organized the match in Miami, Florida after the success of his purse bid with an offer of $3.1 million.

It should have seen Dubois paid $1.4 million while Bryan took away the remaining amount. Dubois received $475,000 as part of a license fee from BT Sport who gave the broadcasting rights in the UK. However, there remains a doubt over the money he is owed because of tax and sanctioning fees coming from the WBA.

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The lawsuit states:

“To date, DKP [Don King Promotions] has yet to pay any purse monies due Dubois despite demand, and despite the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation opening an investigation of DKP.”

As a reaction, the statement from King’s lawyer came out:

“DKP has made all requisite payments towards Mr. Dubois’ purse. Pursuant to Florida State Athletic Commission Director Patrick Cunningham’s instructions, proof of payment in the form of the payment for the 30 percent IRS backup withholding was provided along with a $475,000 setoff towards Mr. Dubois’ purse at the instruction of Mr. Dubois’ promoter, Queensbury.”

Heavyweight Mahmoud Charr is also in the middle of an ongoing multi-million dollar lawsuit against King. Charr alleges that King prevented his ordered title consolidation against Bryan, which was scheduled for January twice before falling through and never happening.

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