Daniel Dubois Team To Reportedly Settle Don King Lawsuit

Daniel Dubois’ lawsuit against Don King may be nearing its end.

The lawsuit stems from Dubois not being paid in full for his fourth-round knockout of Trevor Bryan, which took place on June 11. But now, Dubois’ team will reportedly be settling the case, according to Boxing Scene.

“We have settled and Dubois will be paid in full,” Leon Margules, Dubois’ hired attorney , told Boxing Scene.

The clarification follows a report from the Daily Mail which suggested that the settlement was reached in lieu of full payment.

The case, which was filed on August 1 in Broward County, Florida, alleged that there was an outstanding payment between $463,274.32 and $938,274.32 from the June 11 pay-per-view event.

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It was unclear whether King had paid Dubois’ sanctioning fees to the WBA and/or taxes to the U.S. Department of Treasury.

Dubois took on Bryan for the secondary version of the WBA heavyweight title, which Bryan had held since last January.

King secured the rights to the fight with a purse bid of $3,116,001 on March 21, outbidding Frank Warren.

Dubois was due 45 percent of the winning bid, which ensured he would leave with $1,402,200.45. He was also contracted to pay three percent of his purse in sanctioning fees, which is $42,0661.01, according to Boxing Scene.

Dubois is now one of the three mandatory challengers for Oleksandr Usyk who holds the WBA title as well as the WBO and IBF. Dubois is expected to fight again in the fall.

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