Danish Mikenta Fight Night Returns

On the 10th of September Mikenta Fight Night features a European WBC Muay Thai Title Fight

Veteran promoter, gym owner (Mikenta Gym) and newly crowned IMC Light Heavyweight world champion (Masters: 50+ years) Brian Talarek is putting on another quality show in the Copenhagen municipally Albertslund.

On March 5th 2022 Brian Talarek became the IMC world champion via TKO in round two. Picture courtesy of IMC.


In a little more than a week Talarek’s Mikenta Fight Night kicks of at the Albertslund Musikteater: doors open at 5 pm and the fight action starts at 6 pm.

As usual the card has a strong preliminary card featuring up and coming professional fighters, but also seasoned  veterans like multiple times world champion Rhassan Muhareb.

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Muhareb has fought all over the world and won the prestigious I-1 title in Hong Kong a few years back. At the time the promotion, run by Master Kim Ip, was considered to be of the same quality and challenge as a WMC or WBC Muay Thai world championship fight – except for the fact these events were eight man elimination tournaments!

Another quality fight card courtesy of Mr. Talarek.                                                            Picture courtesy of WBC Muay Thai.


The undercard is headlined by a massive title fight for the vacant WBC Muay Thai European Under 18 featherweight title: ONE Championship Muay Thai fighter Jonathan Haggerty‘s younger brother, Freddie Haggerty takes on the strong Dane Jasper Landal in this epic clash of young warriors.

The event boasts a staggering 14 fights including two Danish national title fights.

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