Derrick James Sues Errol Spence For Breach Of Contract

Derrick James has filed a lawsuit against Errol Spence Jr. for unpaid wages. 

James trained Spence to become a Unified Welterweight Champion before they parted ways following The Truth’s defeat to Terence Crawford. Spence was dropped three times, getting stopped in round nine, as Bud became the first Undisputed Welterweight Champion of the four-belt era. It was Spence’s first defeat. James came under fire for his corner work, as Spence failed to make adjustments. Their working relationship ended, but James took Spence to court. 

James filed the lawsuit on April 17 in Dallas County, Texas. It notes “Spence’s breach of contract, fraudulent business practices and misrepresentations after Spence received the $25 million guaranteed fight purse” for the Crawford bout. James’ side claims they were entitled to 10 percent of that purse and the PPV, but they only received $350,000.

Spence’s side filed a countersuit, stating they had a phone conversation on February 13 claiming otherwise. It is claimed Spence told James he “was not entitled to receive 10 percent of his guaranteed purse. … Spence asserted someone named ‘Al’ told him that paying James $350,000 for the Crawford fight in exchange for his training services was ‘generous.”

James’ lawyer denies this, saying “no one named ‘Al’ was present when James and Spence originally entered into their agreement. … Any alleged reliance by Spence on advice from someone named ‘Al’ regarding James’ compensation is misplaced.”

It further adds Spence informed James in a February 15 phone call that he “did rob” James, saying he “wanted to own up to his own…[up] and pay James the remaining $2.15 million that kept with their verbal agreement.” That never happened, as the case went to court. 

Ryan Garcia, Spence’s former stablemate, has reacted to the news. Garcia called out Spence following his win over Devin Haney. Since they trained with James, it could be a competitive fight. 

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