Diaz And Masvidal’s Press Conference Ends In A Brawl

The press conference for Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal ended in a brawl. 

Both men face off in a boxing fight on July 6 clash at 175 pounds in a ten-round bout. The contest is a rematch following their UFC 244 fight in 2019. Masvidal came out victorious to win the inaugural BMF Belt. Diaz sustained a cut over his right eye as the fight was stopped at the end of round three. 

Diaz and Masvidal have limited boxing experience. Diaz’s only boxing bout was a loss to Jake Paul in 2023. Meanwhile, Masvidal’s majority decision win against Joseph Benjamin was back in 2005. After a heated presser, Diaz refused a face-off. He walked off, leaving Masvidal standing. However, a member of Diaz’s team threw a punch at Masvidal as a brawl broke out.

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