Did You Know? Roberto Duran Beat Up Sylvester Stallone While Filming Rocky II

Boxing legend Roberto Duran used to be a heavyweight juggernaut in the 1970s, a name that not many boxers liked to share the ring with.

Duran was known for his ferocity and someone who was already ready to brawl. His trainer Ray Arcel used to joke around that Duran doesn’t have a heart. The mystique of the four-weight world champion is why he was nicknamed “El Diablo.”

It is believed that Duran did not even spare Sylvester Stallone when the two got together to film Rocky II. Duran was called a speedy sparring partner alongside Stallone.

The boxer reportedly once unloaded a barrage of punches on the Hollywood star. Stallone allegedly asked him to avoid hitting him in the face when the cameras were rolling so his looks are not ruined.

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In a TMZ interview in 2014, Stallone clarified that he would not spar with Bernard Hopkins because he had “learned his lesson from Duran.”

Duran, now 70, has never shied away from talking big.

Defining his boxing days in his autobiographical film entitled “I Am Duran,” he wrote: “I was Mike Tyson before Mike Tyson came along. Fighters would take one look at me and crap in their pants. Leonard would be no different.”

“It was starting to dawn on the Americans that they’d never come across anything like me before – this eerie, deadly being with his jet-black hair, dark eyes and bad intentions. El Diablo, they called me: The Devil.”

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