Dina Thorslund Defeats Seren Cetin To Retain Bantamweight Titles

Dina Thorslund retained her WBC, WBO and Ring Magazine Bantamweight Belts with a unanimous decision win over Seren Cetin to take her undefeated record to 22-0.

Both fighters engaged immediately. Cetin attempted to catch the champion off guard, but it was Thorslund who landed the stronger combinations. Her right hand repeatedly connected, causing Cetin’s face to swell. Thorslund finished strongly with a powerful uppercut in the first.

The two shifted their focus to body shots in an effort to slow each other down. Despite not backing off and landing a crisp right hand, Cetin found Thorslund to be the more accurate fighter. As the pace settled after a few frantic rounds, Cetin began the third round well, landing a right hand that the champion absorbed.

Thorslund matched Cetin’s aggression, fighting fire with fire. Even as Cetin continued to press forward, attempting to dictate the pace, Thorslund finished the round impressively, landing a right followed by a left. There was little to separate the two fighters. However, Thorslund demonstrated her championship pedigree with a huge uppercut that buckled Cetin in the fourth.

As Cetin slowed down, the snap in her punches disappeared. Thorslund was able to get on the inside and land shots to the body in the fifth. Cetin’s longer reach became ineffective as Thorslund consistently got into range and fired away. The champion, however, had bruising near her right eye, with Cetin refusing to back away.

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After the halfway stage, Thorslund began to pull away. The champion’s lateral movement made Cetin fall short, with Thorslund making her pay with a counter left in the seventh. Cetin attempted to walk down her opponent, only to eat a huge right hand to the face in the eighth. Cetin needed a stoppage. While Cetin showed grit in going the distance, it was Thorslund who took a comfortable decision on the cards: 99-91, 100-90, 100-90.


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