Former GLORY Champion Missing

Former GLORY welterweight champion Marc de Bonte is reportedly missing in the Netherlands. de Bonte has been missing for six days and his family is beginning to fear the worst.

According to a report from BloodyElbow, de Bonte had apparently been planning on meeting his girlfriend last Wednesday, and his family began worrying when he never arrived. His car was found abandoned the next day. His family was stunned at his disappearance, as there have been no signs of what may have happened to him:

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"Once it became clear that the 26-year-old fighter could be in danger, police initiated a search of the city, including by helicopter.

According to reports, De Bonte was driving from his native Belgium to see his girlfriend when he disappeared. He was last seen at his gym in Turnhout, Belgium, where he left around midnight to begin the drive to the Netherlands."

De Bonte last fought in the Kunlun Fights tournament, after briefly leaving kickboxing for a stint in boxing.

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