Frampton: I Don’t Fear Lomachenko

On Saturday Carl Frampton will look to cement himself as the best featherweight boxer in the world when he rematches Leo Santa Cruz for the title. If he can be victorious again, Frampton will continue to climb the pound-for-pound rankings — and will be brought up more frequently in tandem with another elite boxer: super-featherweight champ Vasyl Lomachenko.

Unlike other boxers that fear losses too much to risk stepping into the ring with a master like Lomachenko, Frampton (23-0) is not afraid to put his undefeated record at stake. He told the media ahead of his rematch with Santa Cruz that he would be open to fighting Lomachenko, for the right price.

"Lomachenko? Why not? I think what you have to do, when you’re involved in fights, they need to be rewarding financially," Frampton said.

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"I’ve done this before and people have given me stick for talking about money, but when you have two young kids and a family, it’s important."

A fight with Lomachenko (7-1) would certainly be financially lucrative for Frampton, as the Top Rank-backed Ukranian is growing closer to stardom with every brilliant win.

Until then, Frampton is already proving himself as a fighter willing to take risks; his rematch with Santa Cruz is no guaranteed victory, as the first fight was a back-and-forth brawl that the Irishman won on points. If Frampton does keep winning and moves up to 130-lbs., there’s no reason to believe he won’t share the ring with Lomachenko.

"A Lomachenko fight would be financially rewarding and it would be a great scalp if I could beat someone like him. This isn’t me calling Lomachenko out. He’s a fighter I’m in awe of…but I don’t fear anyone."

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