Frank Warren: Tyson Fury Won’t Retire Following His Ngannou Performance

Tyson Fury is not considering retirement following his below-par performance against Francis Ngannou.

That is according to Frank Warren. The Gypsy King’s victory over Ngannou was scrutinized after the WBC heavyweight champion had to get off the canvas in round three following Ngannou’s left hook. And the failure of Fury to stop someone who has never boxed before was exacerbated, with suggestions that Ngannou should have been given the win.

Prior to the fight, Fury was expected to face Oleksandr Usyk on December 23rd, 2023, for the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world. However, those plans have now been altered, with the fight expected to take place next year, with an announcement pending. In and amongst this, however, there was speculation that Fury could retire. Eddie Hearn suggested as much as questions remained over whether Fury’s form had declined. 

“Listen, I wouldn’t be surprised if he retired honestly. I heard Spence Oliver say it, I’ve heard rumblings of it, I wouldn’t be surprised,” Hearn 

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Despite this being the case, Warren has shut down those claims. 

“It was an off night [for Fury]. He won the fight, and he does get clipped in fights. It’s happened a couple of times in fights, and I hate to see that. He knows better than anybody, Tyson. He knows better than me, you, about what he should be doing. If he wanted to retire, I would wholeheartedly back him. He doesn’t want to retire, and I don’t think he should retire because it was what it was: an off night. We’ll certainly find out if it was an off night or not in his next fight,” Warren said

Nevertheless, Fury’s wife, Paris, has expressed her desire for her husband to retire following the Usyk fight.

“I’m hoping after Usyk [his upcoming fight against Oleksandr Usyk] that will be the end of it,” Paris


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