Gervonta Davis Exposes Ryan Garcia’s Glass Chin-‘His Chin A Little Soft, Like A Pillow’

Gervonta Davis’ comments after his pre-fight presser with Ryan Garcia revealed much about his attitude towards the latter’s punch resistance. 

The fighters held a press conference in both New York City and Los Angeles to announce their upcoming fight on April 22nd, 2023.

And it was during this moment that Davis threw a small left hook that barely touched Garcia’s chin. Garcia responded by slipping and doing some shadow boxing, but it was enough for Tank to size up his opponent. 

There were question marks over whether or not Davis had actually made contact, but once the dust settled, he confirmed that he did indeed. And by the looks of it, he was not impressed by what he had seen. 

In his comments to ES News, he said: “Yeah, I touched his chin a little bit. His chin a little soft. I ain’t gonna lie. His chin felt like a pillow, for real, facts, facts.”

The intrigue surrounding this fight has always been over who can land the big punch first.

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Garcia’s left hook has been singled out as the money punch, while Davis’ ability to close the distance and land powerful blows has been pointed out too. Garcia’s fight against Luke Campbell had shown that he could be floored.

While he did get up to knock out Campbell with a body shot, boxing fans made it clear that it would be all over if Tank had inflicted such a blow.

After all, Garcia has stated that he is not happy with the 10-lb rehydration clause that has been set.

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