Haney And Garcia Denied Mets’ First Pitch Honor Over ‘Safety’ Concerns

Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia were prevented from throwing the first pitch at the New York Mets game against the Pittsburgh Pirates due to safety worries.

The build-up for their April 20 clash has been dominated by personal attacks and worries over Garcia’s mental health. Haney claimed Garcia is on cocaine and blamed the boxer for attacking his Islamic faith. Garcia has admitted to drinking and smoking weed, while his social media behavior has raised alarm over his mental state. The personal feud crossed the line after Haney shoved Garcia at the top of the Empire State Building during their face-off. Garcia had asked Haney, ‘Where is your momma?’

Haney has a history of pushing fighters, getting a $25,000 fine for shoving Vasiliy Lomachenko during their weigh-in. Bill Haney also chimed in, saying his son would ‘kill’ Garcia in a ‘legal homicide.’ The New York Mets banned the fighters, leaving Garcia unhappy. 

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“So guys, the Mets just wasted three hours of our lives to say at the end we can’t throw the pitch for whatever reason. There was no reason. They kicked us out for no reason. So everybody, I’m personally going to say: F**k the Mets. Don’t ever go to a f**king Mets game again. F**k the Mets,” Garcia stated 


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