How Much Did Sylvester Stallone Get Paid For The Rocky Films?

Sylvester Stallone is mainly known for his role as ‘Rocky Balboa’ in the Rocky franchise, but the actor had trouble being recompensed adequately for the role.

The franchise, no doubt, took Stallone’s career to another level with the opportunities and fan base that emerged at the back end of the films.

However, it could have been all different if the actor did not get his way. According to his contract, a clause allowed him to eventually become a millionaire following the release of the first movie in 1976. 

And yet, the actor had initially been dismissed for the role. Instead, Stallone was offered $25,000 for his screenplay role and a starring role.

But given that he had convinced the producers of his worth, Stallone got the part.

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“I got ten net points. It was probably the first and last time anyone ever saw those pay offI got $35,000 for the first one. The screenplay was about $25,000.

“[In all, I made] About $2.5 million, which for me was unbelievable. I was the luckiest man in the world. You have to understand that in the year before I did ‘Rocky,’” my total income was $1,400 for the entire year. I got $35 a week as an usher. About $100 a month.”

“Then [I got] $360 a week before taxes. It shot for only 25 days. Luckily there were the WGA minimums. I made about $2,000 for acting,” Stallone

Despite the first movie winning an Oscar in 1977 for Best Film, Stallone’s earnings did not take off in the millions until Rock III and beyond. 

“The second deal was for $75,000 all-in. About $120,000 in total,” Stallone

Since the franchise grossed billions worldwide, Stallone was eventually awarded for playing such an iconic character. 

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