Irish PM: McGregor May Very Well Run For Office

Much like another person who fought Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor is open to a career in politics, and may have support from Ireland’s prime minister.

McGregor while in New York in February,  was asked by TMZ if he would go into politics. McGregor laughed and said “maybe, who knows,” then would proceed to laughingly say “they’re shaking in boots.”

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And while some people may shudder at the prospect of the UFC star in the Irish government, the current Irish Prime Minister isn’t scared at the prospect.

PM Leo Varadkar was stopped by TMZ this week and said that Conor McGregor could very well run for political office someday. In his words:

“Ah, you never know, stranger things have happened. Just met Arnold Schwarzenegger, so… yeah, he was a muscleman actor, career in politics after, and was a good governor! So, anything’s possible.”

And with Manny Pacquiao as a current senator in the Filipino government, MMA/Pro wrestling pioneer Antonio Inoki serving a similar role in the Japanese government, as well as the United States featuring numerous ex wrestlers and celebrities such as the aforementioned Schwarzenegger, anything seems to be possible.


Original Story: MMA Mania


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