Jake Paul Eyes MMA Debut With The PFL After Boxing Mike Tyson

Jake Paul plans to make his MMA debut under the PFL after boxing Mike Tyson.

Paul signed a PFL deal in January 2023. He is currently preparing to face Iron Mike on July 20, which will air on Netflix. The fight has received a mixed response, with concerns it may not get sanctioned as a professional bout. Paul remains confident it will, as he seeks to follow up on his recent success.

Paul is coming off his best-career wins. He stopped two professional boxers, Andre August and Ryan Bourland, in his last two fights. Before those wins, Paul beat Nate Diaz in another boxing bout via a unanimous decision. Paul offered Diaz a rematch in the PFL with a $10 million offer. The offer was not taken up, but the Problem Child has yet to give up on that. Diaz and Jorge Masvidal have been mentioned as possible fights, with Paul desperate to make his PFL bow. 

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“I’m being so serious when I say I want to fight them in MMA. Either Masvidal or Diaz, in the PFL. $10 million dollar offer for either one of those guys. Again, they will literally hide behind the fact that [they could do it]. Masvidal’s like ‘You can’t even box, what the f**k are you going to do in MMA bro, I’m from Miami, Florida bro!’… That’s what he hides behind… So the offer still stands there. I want either one of those guys in MMA next… Obviously, I have Mike [next] and I would do it after that. I would do a six-month camp for [my debut],” Paul said 


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