Jorge Masvidal Explains Difficulties With Nate Diaz, Also Responds To Jake Paul’s Challenge

On June 1st in Los Angeles, the much discussed Jorge Masvidal versus Nate Diaz boxing match will go down, but by the sounds of things, there were some hurdles to overcome before this date could be set.

The official announcement of the pair squaring off at the Kia Forum came just last month, and in a recent episode of The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Masvidal explained part of the reason for the delay.

During the segment, the former UFC welterweight challenger pointed to Diaz’s specific needs, mainly surrounding location, as a serious hold up in the fight making process.

“At one point, because Vegas was booked out, a lot of places were booked out, New York was a strong possibility and he was like, ‘I won’t fight if it’s in New York. I won’t fight.’ I was like, what the f***?” Masvidal said Monday on The MMA Hour. “What’s the beef? This is boxing. That was in MMA [where] you got your ass whooped. But I get it. Alright.

“Then another diva moment, he said he also wouldn’t fight if the fight’s in Miami. ‘I’m not fighting if it’s in Miami.’ OK, cool. ‘Well, last time I had a bad experience with my boxing match in Texas, so I’m not fighting in Texas.’ What the f***?! To book a venue of that magnitude, it’s not like it can happen in a week or a weekend. It happens months in advance. … So all these problems and it’s like, dude, I’m just trying to f****** fight. What are you trying to do? It could have been in April in a different place, but this dude wasn’t trying to do it, so that just felt very diva-ish.”


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In addition to the TUF Season 5 winner being what many would look at as ‘difficult’ regarding the location of the bout, Masvidal says there were other little things along the way that he was surprised by.

The former BMF champion outlined details of the contract in which Diaz specifically requested that his name came first on the poster, with his walk to the ring coming last. This took Masvidal especially off guard considering he was the victor in their 2019 welterweight UFC match, so it feels more as though Diaz should be looked at as the ‘challenger’.

“Wanted his name first, walkout second, at the weigh-ins he has to weigh in last,” Masvidal continued. “Brother, you didn’t win the last fight. What the f*** are you talking about? A lot of me was like, ‘Eff that.’ Because there was a big chance the fight was going to be in Miami, I was really pushing for Miami — obviously I did so well there in the UFC — and Nate was like, ‘I’m not going to fight in Miami. I’m not going to fight in Miami.’ And I have to walk out first? Is this guy r*******? How would you walk out last in my city? I am not going to walk out first in my city against you. I already mopped you up. So these things are making me question his f****** motives. Do you want to scrap or what, bro?”


Later on the interview, Masvidal took the time to slam YouTube star turned Boxer Jake Paul for challenging him to an MMA match. To no one’s surprise, Paul naturally involved himself in the buildup for Diaz vs. Masvidal 2. The former Disney star squared off with Diaz last year in the boxing ring, taking home a unanimous decision, and has been talking about a rematch in MMA since.

Furthermore, Paul clearly has his sights set on Masvidal, offering him $10 million to meet in the cage. This offer was aggressively denied by Masvidal, who has no intention to fight Paul, in a sanctioned format that is.

“I’ll address this little coward right now because I know he’s watching this s*it.” Jorge Masvidal stated on The MMA Hour when Jake Paul was brought up. “This little pervert creep be peeping on your show brother. Listen [Jake], the UFC doesn’t like your b*tch a*s. Dana White, don’t like your b*tch a*s. Obviously, Hunter Campbell doesn’t like your b*tch a*s. They said ‘We’re not going to let you make money with this guy,’ because at the end of the day, we’re partners. Me and Nate, we’re going to make money right now.”

He continued, “Whether he likes me or not, we’re going to make a f*cking ton of money. They don’t care for that motherf*cker… I get why they don’t want me to f*ck with him and make him any notoriety or money. They don’t give a f*ck about him. Jake runs up on me somewhere else where it’s not a ring or something you can find out bro. You’re talking about the PFL, the f*ck are you going to do in MMA? Are you kidding me? You can’t even box.”

“Now you’re going to fight in MMA? I would kick your f*cking kneecap off your fragile body.” Jorge Masvidal stated, concluding his thoughts on Jake Paul. “You dumb motherf*cker, don’t bring up MMA ever you disrespectful piece of s*it. I’ve been doing that s*it since that motherf*cker was f*cking sucking on f*cking bananas and shoving them down his throat on YouTube to get hits.”

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