K-1 Legend Aerts Back In The Ring

The 3-Time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion Was Back In The Ring At Hoost Cup
The Dutch Lumberjack.


On Sunday October 16th 2022, Hoost Cup Kings Kyoto 10 took place. Hoost Cup is the Japan based promotion of K-1 legend, “Mr. Perfect” Ernesto Hoost – a 4-time K-1 World Grand Prix champion.

From the Hoost Cup website – about the concept of the promotion:

Contribute to society by not only pursuing mere strength, but also producing the second Mr. Perfect who has the mind, technique, and body, and who has the strength to become a role model for society, and the society of kickboxing competitions. The goal is to improve the status of kickboxing and promote kickboxing competitions.

Peter Aerts Highlight

Aerts and Hoost are former colleagues in the K-1 heydays, and remain close friends. And what many people outside of Japan might not know, is the fact that Aerts has twins – both 22 years old: a girl and a boy. Both are active Kickboxers.

At Hoost Cup Kings Kyoto 10 they both fought, hence daddy was making his way to the ring again – twice in one night as he is more than used to.

Aerts’ daughter, Montana, fought Japanese Hotaru to a draw.

Picture from Montana Aerts’ Instagram profile

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Montana Aerts with her dad.


Marciano Aerts fought Japanese Koichi Sakamoto to a draw too.

Picture courtesy of Marciano Aerts’ Instagram Profile
Daddy Aerts holding pads for Marciano Aerts.


The Japanese friend of Aerts, Tatsuharu Doi, posted pictures on his Facebook account of the legends together in Kyoto, Japan:

Hoost and Aerts at Hoost cup, Kyoto, Japan October 2022.


War face: Aerts leading his daughter to the ring.


A proud father.


Aerts supporting his son, Marciano.


A focused Aerts cornering his son.


The Aerts family at the pre-fight meeting.



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