Lennox Lewis Knocks Mike Tyson Out – June 8, 2002 (This Day In Boxing History)

Mike Tyson only went down five times in his career, and this was one of those times.

Lennox Lewis knocked out Mike Tyson in Round 8 to retain his WBC and IBF heavyweight titles in Tennessee.

Even without the knockout, Lewis was dominating the bout. He was ahead 69-64 on all three judges’ scorecards before sending Tyson to the mat.

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Lewis opened a cut over Tyson’s right eye in the third round. In the following rounds, the beating got worse as blood continued to flow from his nose and mouth after eating left-handed jabs, uppercuts and overhand rights.

By the fourth round, Tyson looked tired.

Tyson almost went down in the seventh round, but the end of his night was delayed to the eighth round.

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