Lennox Lewis Looks Ahead To Fury-Usyk Battle

Fury-Usyk will reportedly hold an undisputed battle early in 2023.

The last undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis looks forward to the battle between two superstars — Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk. However, he has also called all the other moves happening in the industry “nonsense.”

World Boxing News revealed the potential fight between Fury and Usyk months ago. The only thing that stops this fight from happening is if sanctioning bodies put interferences along the way.

Currently, WBN understands that they won’t enforce their IBF, WBO, and WBA title holder Usyk to defend their respective belts.

“Undisputed! Everything else is nonsense,” Lewis stated as immaterial mandatories were put into the public domain.

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On the other hand, promoter Bob Arum says that the fight between Usyk and Fury is the only goal in mind for the next few months.

“The two fighters have agreed to fight each other next,” Arum told Sky Sports before aiming a dig at previously failed negotiations with Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn.

“With Fury and Usyk, we’re dealing with two adults. Not a lot of [rubbish] back and forth. Usyk is a good friend of mine. He’s very intelligent.

“Tyson is Superman, both as an athlete and as an intellect. So they want the fight. Both of them want the fight. So there’ll be very little – if any, [messing] around.

“So we’ll be able to make that happen. I’m very, very confident. As I said, the fighters have both agreed to fight each other next without any interim fights.”

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