Lennox Lewis open for a rematch against Mike Tyson in December

It looks like we might have another blockbuster boxing match to watch before the year ends. Lennox Lewis has made himself available to take on Mike Tyson before 2022. Speaking on the 2worldchamps podcast, the former three-time world heavyweight champion said: “If he (Tyson) wants to dance, I can dance.”

This is not the first time talks between Iron Mike and the Lion have reignited. Tyson had earlier hinted at an exhibition between both in September, but there hasn’t been any update on the matter since then.

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Tyson last boxed Lewis in 2002. Iron Mike got knocked out in the first showdown, but a rematch could bring a whole new story. Iron Mike is now 55 while Lewis is 56, both are retired professionals, but Tyson has been training on a regular basis since his exhibition debut against Roy Jones Jr in November. The eight-round bout ended in a draw since none of the legendary boxers was able to deliver a knockout haymaker.

Tyson has not shut the door on participating in an exhibition match again and this could be good news for the boxing community as they might get to see both Hall of Famers trade punches before 2022 begins.

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