‘Let’s Get On It’: Ian Garry, Conor McGregor Calls To Be On Same Fight Card

Young Irish fighter Ian Garry made an amazing debut when he earned a first-round knockout of Jordan Williams at UFC 268.

He mentioned many times that Conor McGregor was his hero, and now it is time for him to do what McGregor did years ago.

Even McGregor, the former two-division UFC champion, reacted to the 23-year-old’s fast finish and expressed his support for him. In a trio of voice recordings through Twitter, McGregor told Garry how his win motivated him to stay on track for his own comeback, following a brutal leg injury from his loss versus Dustin Poirier.

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“We were listening, and I’m laughing, there’s a big smile on my face,” Garry said Monday on The MMA Hour.

“… He was saying, like, ‘I respect that so much,’ in a sense of like, ‘In my hardest time, I’m coming back from an injury, this has given me motivation.’ And he was like, ‘I’m part of that [Irish] takeover too.’ I’m like, ‘Hey, let’s get on it, Conor. Let’s get on it.’ Ireland will explode if you put me and him on a card together. So I’m in.”

Garry credited the fellow Irishman to be the “biggest star” in the sport and he wants to help him take the sport and promotion by storm again.

“… The fact that he inspired me and now I can give back any little bit to him is amazing for me. It’s like anything you’ve got, it’s just returned, because you’ve inspired me to be here, and if I can give you any motivation to help you come back, then off you go — just here you go, take it all,” he continued.

The former Cage Warriors competitor said he just wanted to soak in the moment – winning his UFC debut and being condoned by his childhood idol.

He also marked it as the “proudest moment” of his fighting career. Before Saturday, Garry fought seven professional MMA fights, all of which he won.

He earned five knockouts, one submission and two decision victories. In 2021 he already fought 3 times, and one of them was in the UFC. He plans to come back in 2022 in either April or May and wants to fight three times next year.

“I want to learn more now,” Garry said. “So obviously I’m young and I’ve got loads of time in the sport — I don’t want to rush back into a second fight.”

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