Lewis to Joshua: Pupil Comes to the Mountain

While former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis has had several interactions and talks with Deontay Wilder, the same can’t be said for Anthony Joshua.

The two British heavyweights have traded wars with one another through the media for several months now, with Joshua upset with Lewis for trying to be an unwanted guide in his life. In fact, Joshua feels that if Lewis wants to comment on how Joshua should handle himself and his career, he should reach out.

Lewis, however, feels it’s up to Joshua to be the one who reaches out for advice. And even with their history, Lewis says he would be willing to let Joshua pick his brain.

“I think it’s just the people around him,” Lewis said. He’s never spoken to me. He’s never tried to phone me or anything like that. The mountain doesn’t go to the pupil. The pupil comes to the mountain. You know what I mean? You wanna know something, you come to me. Don’t sit there and say, ‘Oh, Lennox Lewis doesn’t phone me. He doesn’t do this.’ I’m like, that’s silly to me.

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I welcome all phone calls. Listen, I’ve got so much knowledge in my head, I don’t wanna go away with it. I’m here to give it out, you know, give you the knowledge so that you can help with what you need to do.

And even then, Lewis feels Joshua has taken some of his advice into consideration. Joshua, who is preparing for his December 7 heavyweight title rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr. — who upset him back on June 1 at New York’s Madison Square Garden — added to his training team headed by Rob McCracken.

“He has taken notice of what I’ve said to a certain degree, and he has brought in other people, which is very wise,” Lewis said. “That shows that, you know, you wanna learn as a fighter and be a lot better. You always have to try and improve upon yourself and, you know, if that trainer’s not giving that to you, and you wanna stay with him, then you’ve gotta bring in other people.”

Original Story: Boxing Scene

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