Liam Smith ‘Fully Regrets’ His Controversial Eubank Comments

Liam Smith has admitted his regret over his pre-fight comments made against Chris Eubank Jr. in their first fight.

In a fight that drew a lot emotion from both fighters, Smith crossed the line when he implied certain things about Eubank’s sexuality. This was after Smith had claimed that Eubank Jr. had never been ‘seen’ with a woman.

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“Chris, you’re going on about girls, mate. Has anybody in this room ever seen you with a girl? Have you got something to tell us, really, cuz you’re 33,” Smith said

In response, Eubank controversially accused Smith of being unfaithful to his wife. And at the weigh in Eubank created more controversy by wearing a rainbow-colored armband. Although both fighters reconciled in the aftermath of the fight when Smith knocked out Eubank in the fourth round, the former has looked back at the incident with much regret.

“I regret every bit of the fight week. And, you know, the stuff that got said at the press conference should never have been said, you know, in any form of life, never mind just at a boxing press conference. But, you know, I’m still facing the backlash of it, still to this day. And there will be people I’ll never win back over. But, you know, I fully regret how that press conference went and what got said should never have been said. And again, I apologize to anyone I offended,” Smith stated

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