Logan Paul Says He Rejected The Mike Tyson Fight; Jake Paul Denies That

Logan Paul says he rejected a fight with Mike Tyson

Logan’s comments were made in response to his brother, Jake Paul, announcing his fight with Tyson. They face off at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas. Netflix will broadcast the boxing fight, the first time it has ever done so. Oscar De La Hoya questioned the viability of the fight, feeling it did nothing to further Paul’s desire to become a world champion. Meanwhile, Eddie Hearn described it as sad news for hardcore boxing fans. But it seems Logan rejected the fight before Jake took it. 

“For both Mike and Jake, the bag, at what point, I don’t know if you can say no. I said no to fighting Mike Tyson, I was offered it. Yeah, I was offered it. But not on Netflix, and not for a big ass bag. It was just a ‘Oh this could be a real fight’ [conversation]. I’ve been asked before, ‘Do you think you can beat Mike Tyson?’ and my answer is, and will be, yes. Yes [I can beat him now, not in his prime] I think he’s just too old bro. That’s crazy, he’s senile,” Logan said

Jake Paul has since then responded to those comments. The Problem Child rejected claims his brother had been offered the fight, saying his team reached out to Tyson first after agreeing a deal with Netflix.

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“This is not true, no. We [Me, MVP and my business partner] are the ones that brought the deal to Mike Tyson. So I don’t know why he would say that,” Paul stated


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