Luke Rockhold’s Thoughts On Future With Karate Combat

Fresh off a knockout win over Joe Schilling in his Karate Combat debut, former UFC champion Luke Rockhold thinks a grand prix style event would be an excellent next move with the promotion.

Last month, Rochold delivered a nasty right hook that dropped Schilling in the third round of their contest in Dubai. The punch spelled the beginning of the end for the former Glory kickboxer, and just like that, Rockhold snapped a 5-fight losing streak in combat sports appearances.

Since then, the fight sports community has been curious to what the next step for Rockhold might be, and on a recent episode of the JAXXON Podcast he revealed what he has in mind.

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“Yeah, Anderson Silva, (Michael Bisping) and Lyoto Machida all in one night,” Rockhold said.

“It’s a lottery pick,” Rockhold said. “It’s me, Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida and Bisping, lottery pick, double fight, championship, Karate Combat.”


In addition to making it clear that he plans to continue fighting, Rockhold named some choice opponents for what could be an interesting event. Most notably, Michael Bisping, who announced on his podcast recently that he would be interested in a Karate Combat appearance to take on Rockhold. Of course, the pair met twice before, in the UFC’s middleweight divison, making this even more intriguing.

While it seems at this time the proposed event is in no way official, or even being discussed, the topic has certainly raised some eyebrows, and could definitely generate some interest.


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