Mark Hunt Loses Court Battle Against The UFC, Dana White, And Brock Lesnar

Former UFC fighter Mark Hunt has failed to prove that the UFC CEO Dana White knowingly misled him that Brock Lesnar would not use PEDs in their fight at UFC 200 on July 9th, 2016, after the latter had failed a USADA test.

Lesnar had been given an exemption from USADA as he secured a unanimous-decision win over Hunt. In the aftermath, however, Lesnar tested positive for numerous banned substances. As a result, Lesnar received a one-year suspension, and the result was overturned into a no-contest.

Thereafter, Hunt filed his lawsuit in 2017 against White, Lesnar and the UFC, which was dismissed two years later, only to resurface in 2021 as part of an appeal. Hunt sought to prove ‘fraud, battery, aiding-and-abetting battery, and civil conspiracy’ in a case that could have had profound consequences for White, Lesnar and the UFC. The implication was that White went ahead with the fight, while having previous knowledge that Lesnar was doping.

However, on September 26th, 2023, District Judge Jennifer A. Dorsey dismissed Hunt’s lawsuit, finally bringing the saga to an end.

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“In sum, each of Hunt’s fraud theories requires far too many inferential leaps and ignores too much contrary evidence for a jury to reasonably find in his favor, particularly by clear and convincing evidence. Despite extensive briefing and oral argument, Hunt has been unable to provide the necessary evidentiary support for his theories. So I grant summary judgment in favor of the defendants and again close this case,” Dorsey

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