Matt Brown Criticizes Boxing Promoters For Not Emulating The UFC

Matt Brown has hit out at boxing promoters for not following the UFC model. 

The UFC is often praised for putting on the most exciting fights. Max Holloway demonstrated that at UFC 300 with his victory against Justin Gaethje to become the BMF Champion. Blessed pointed Gaethje towards the center with less than 30 seconds left in the final round.

Holloway wanted to exchange despite dominating the fight, stopping Gaethje with a second left. The KO became the most-liked UFC video on Instagram. Brown praised the UFC for embracing social media, using Nina Marie Daniele to give fans a closer insight into fighters behind the scenes. 

“That was the first thing that popped into my mind — [UFC’s] social media. They’re using this Nina Drama girl, I’m not a fan at all, I don’t enjoy watching her stuff, but I 1000 percent get why they do it. It gets clicks and she’s good at what she does — no hate or anything, it’s just not my thing. But the UFC is totally embracing getting more clicks, getting more views, getting more social media, and boxing doesn’t do that shit at all. They’re still stuck in the 1990s,” Brown said

Boxing has been accused of having too many promoters and networks, which prevents the best fights. Fans sometimes never see those bouts, or the fights occur when both boxers are past their prime. The 2015 clash between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao proved that. Mayweather won a one-sided unanimous decision. Pacman was no longer in his prime.

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Under the UFC, the centralized nature means fighters are told who they will fight, giving fans the best value for money. However, the introduction of Saudis into boxing is changing that. Their Day of Reckoning card last December had Anthony Joshua headlining, with Deontay Wilder in chief support. Their role in the Terence Crawford vs. Israil Madrimov is also crucial. The card is stacked; Andy Ruiz Jr., Tim Tszyu, and Vergil Ortiz Jr. are all featuring. Boxing will have to embrace some changes to keep up with the UFC. 


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