Michael Bisping Voices Concern On Conor McGregor Fighting At 185-Pounds

While many in the MMA community are excited to see Conor McGregor compete in the middleweight division this year, Michael Bisping has voiced that he does not believe that 185-pounds is the ideal size for the former double champion.

Bisping, a former UFC middleweight champion himself, and host of the Believe You Me podcast, spoke on the subject with co-host Anthony Smith in a video released on the channel on Wednesday.

“He fought at 145, went up to 155, 185 that is not his optimal weight class,” Bisping said. “Granted, he’s fighting another lightweight in Michael Chandler. The problem is though is that, as I say, it’s not your optimal weight class, so they’re going to be carrying more weight. If you’re Conor—and I’m not hating on Conor and I’m really excited for the fight because he’s the most exciting guy because of the energy and the presence and the hype and the performances. Win or lose, and there’s been losses recently, they’re still big moments and the comeback is going to be something special. It really is, but I think with all that extra weight it’s going to be an issue.”

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Bisping raised another potential concern for McGregor as he pointed out that he will not need to be overly strict on his diet during the weight cut for his planned fight with Michael Chandler later this year, and that could lead to an undisciplined mindset.

2024 will present is a massive jump in weight since McGregor’s last fight, which he fought at 155-pounds in the trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier in 2021. Of course, this bout resulted in a broken ankle and a massive layoff from competition that we are still experiencing.

“Because not only does making weight suck, but making weight also insists on discipline because you have to. If I was going to make 185 pounds, I had to do my road work, I had to follow a strict diet, I had to make sure I was getting my ass in the gym because I’m not going to make weight. You can be 185 pounds. When he fights at 145 or 155, there’s not that subconscious threat of missing weight, of not being successful, of having the big comeback, one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the sport being a failure. Having to make weight makes you disciplined. It makes you live that monk kind of lifestyle, that fighters enjoy and go through. On top of that, he’s not known for having the best cardio. When you’re carrying that extra weight, whether it’s muscle or fat, it’s going to tire you down, it’s going to slow you down, and it’s going to definitely affect your endurance.”

(h/t MMAFighting.com)

In his prime, McGregor famously held both the featherweight and lightweight UFC titles. Now, the big question on everyone’s mind is if he will be able to complete the comeback and begin a new era of his career, at middleweight.

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