Mike Perry Challenges Jake Paul To A Bareknuckle Fight

BKFC’s Mike Perry has challenged Jake Paul to a bareknuckle fight. 

Perry was reacting to Paul’s fight with Mike Tyson on July 20. There has been much criticism over whether the fight should happen. The considerable age difference has raised safety concerns. Tyson will be 58, while Paul is 28. Tyson’s last fight in any form was a 2020 exhibition against Roy Jones Jr

Paul signed with PFL in January 2023, though zero announcements have been made over his debut. He offered Nate Diaz $10 million to fight in the PFL after beating him in a boxing bout last August. Diaz did not accept the offer, and instead will face Jorge Masvidal in a boxing match later this year. But Perry felt he would beat Paul in a one-sided bareknuckle bout, as he called on Paul to take the challenge.

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“In BKFC? Jake Paul. If he hurts Mike Tyson, let me get that, bro. Yes, but he’s not doing bareknuckle. But I wouldn’t put it past Jake Paul because he’s been doing stuff that people would say he’s afraid of and things like that. And that’s partly what drew me to bareknuckle was that so many were worried about it, or afraid of it, and I’m like, ‘It seems real to me.’ 

So Jake, man, definitely issuing you a challenge: If you get through Mike Tyson, test yourself for real and let’s have a street fight. Yeah, he’s got some (talent), but I’d like to say I’m beating him as fast as he’s beating these taxi drivers, especially bareknuckle. I’ll hurt him, and he’ll cry and run away and cower in the corner in the fetal position,” Perry said



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