Nate Diaz Sued Over New Orleans Altercation

Nate Diaz faces a civil lawsuit over an altercation in New Orleans last year.

Reports indicate that influencer Rodney Petersen has taken action over an incident on April 22, 2023. The pair were involved in a scuffle following a Misfits Boxing show. The two were separated as Diaz threw a water bottle. The feud continued outside, with Diaz choking Peterson. Nate was arrested. However, the second-degree battery charges were dismissed.

“Since Rodney Peterson sought out to fight Nate on Bourbon Street, we have maintained Nate’s actions were 100 percent in self defense. It was clear on the video, clear in pictures and clear from the multiple other videos Rodney posted before and after. Nate has a right to defend himself against those who want to make a name for themselves and did so. We appreciate the Orleans Parish District Attorney taking the time to review all aspects of this case and their decision to not proceed with it,” Zach Rosenfield (Diaz’s representative) said

Peterson argued that he was playing peacemaker and trying to diffuse the situation. He is now demanding damages after suffering alleged physical, mental, and emotional trauma. Peterson also wants his medical expenses covered and money for loss of earnings.

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