Nina Agdal, Logan Paul’s Fiancée, Takes Legal Action Against Dillon Danis For Online Harassment

Logan Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal is suing Dillon Danis in response to the latter’s social media activity about her.

On October 14th, 2023, Paul and Danis will face each other in a boxing match. The build-up to the fight, however, has been marred by controversy. Danis has been trolling Agadal with posts about her prior relationships to rile up Paul. However, according to TMZ, it appears that the MMA fighter may have crossed the line. Agdal is alleging that his posts have created “humiliation, emotional distress and reputational harm.” It is alleged that Danis has posted over 250 posts, which has resulted in Agdal demanding over $150,000 for each federal law violation. Not only that, but Agdal has requested that a restraining order is given to prevent Danis from posting. That action got the attention of Danis, who had this to say.

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