Patchy Mix Confident He Would KO Sean O’Malley – “Watch What Petr Yan Did To Him”

Being the UFC’s bantamweight titleholder obviously comes with its fair share of callouts, and now Sean O’Malley has received another, from 135-pound Bellator champion Patchy Mix.

Mix is scheduled to square off with Magomed Magomedov next Friday in the main event at Bellator Champions Series in Paris. But, regardless of his next impending challenge, the champ still took some time to discuss hypothetical matchups involving UFC competitors.

During the recent interview, Mix told that he believes that he has done more in the sport than O’Malley, and is simply just better.

“It’s because of the letters in front of my name. That’s it,” Mix told “Look at me and who they deem as the best Bantamweight in the world.”

“Look at Sean O’Malley’s credentials next to my credentials. I fought just as tough competition. I have more finishes than him. He’s lost more rounds than me. I’m one round removed from being 31 in a row: 11-0 as an amateur, 19-1 as a pro. He barely beat that Andre Crocodile kid (Soukhamthath). He kicked him in the leg, and the guy almost had to get f—king airlifted out of the cage. So it’s like, you know, I’ve barely lost any rounds in my whole life.

And then you watch what little Petr Yan did to him. You look at that fight, Petr Yan and him, look how close that was. And then you look at Maga [Magomedov], and you look at him fighting Petr Yan. (Yan and Magomedov are 1-1 against each other). The only person out of the stratosphere is me. I slept Maga. Just as I would sleep Petr Yan too, I would sleep Sean O’Malley too, and so on and so forth. There’s not a guy over there that can really contest with me. I think the toughest matchup for me probably would be Merab.”

Quotes via MMA Mania

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Clearly this idea is just a farfetched hypothetical given that both Mix and O’Malley are under contracts with different organizations. Additionally, the UFC would have little to no interest in cross promoting alongside the PFL and Bellator.

But with that said, the future landscape of the MMA industry is currently unknown. Someday, Mix could even find himself in the UFC and this fantasy bout could come to fruition. Regardless, what was mentioned by Mix in the interview has certainly sparked some conversation in the community.


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