Power Slap Competitor Tests Cocaine Positive

Power Slap light heavyweight competitor Jon Kennedy (2-2) has created sports history, just maybe not in the way he wanted to.

Kennedy has become the first ever slap fighter to be suspended for testing positive for cocaine. He will now face a 9-month suspension from competition.

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As if that weren’t enough, the league has also faced a lot of criticism surrounding the worry over brain injuries in the league. Defense in Power Slap is blatantly prohibited, unlike other combat sports. Hence, the increased worry about the athletes.

Dana White and Power Slap were accepted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, lending legitimacy to the league. They made the guidelines, permitted the use of the UFC Apex as a venue, and instructed the business to “make sure no one dies.” Simple enough, it seems.

The company hasn’t yet switched to live broadcast events, but it intends to do so this year. The show has been broadcast on TBS thus far, and all of the fights have been recorded in advance. Despite the show’s low ratings up to this point, they have already achieved history.

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