Ronda Discusses McGregor’s Retirement

While Ronda Rousey is having a career defining month of her own, the current WWE women’s champion was asked about another major former UFC champion walking away from the sport.

On SportsCenter Tuesday, promoting her appearance at Wrestlemania, Rousey was asked about the news of Conor McGregor’s sudden retirement a few hours prior.

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“Well, it’s a creative way to retire, and it was a cryptic way to retire,” Rousey said on ESPN’s flagship show. “So, we’ll see how permanent it is. If he wants to retire forever, he’s more than earned it. And like I said, I’m ready to buy that second round.”

Much like McGregor, Rousey retired young following two high-profile losses to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes in 2016, turning to focus on her personal life, film opportunities, and more recently a run with the WWE.


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