Roy Jones Leaves Chris Eubank Jr.

Roy Jones Jr. has left Chris Eubank Jr. leaving the latter with a search for a new trainer.

The news is the last thing Eubank needs in the run up to his fight with Liam Smith on September 2nd, 2023.

This is especially since it is a career-defining fight following Eubank’s fourth-round-stoppage loss to Smith in their first bout.

Jones and Eubank began working with each other in 2021. Since then, they have secured three wins and a loss. Victories over Marcus Morrison, Wanik Awdijan and Liam Williams were postive.

However, in truth, facing Smith was the biggest test as Eubank came up short. This naturally begs the question: what was the reason for the split?

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Well, the nature of Eubank’s defeat was alarming. His chin gave way for the first time in his career, which may have required a change.

However, Jones had a simpler explanation. He outlined how their respective schedules did not align.

“This time our schedules didn’t line up. I have more fights and other fighters I have fights coming up so our schedules didn’t line up this time. I don’t know. Maybe [I will work with him again],” Jones

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