Ryan Garcia Reacts To Sean O’Malley’s Call Out – ‘Be Prepared To Bleed’

Ryan Garcia has responded to Sean O’Malley’s desire for a boxing bout. 

O’Malley was reacting to Garcia’s biggest win against Devin Haney after he dropped The Dream three times on his way to a majority decision win. The UFC Bantamweight Champion mocked Garcia’s unorthodox shoulder roll, which proved effective. Garcia positioned his back sideways, blocking Haney from hitting his body while not being illegal since his back was not fully turned. 

Sugar has previously spoken about his desire to box, calling out Gervonta Davis. Now, he has revealed the UFC is willing to allow a boxing fight if it makes money. They did something similar by allowing Conor McGregor to box Floyd Mayweather in 2017. Given Garcia is now one of the biggest names in boxing, having previously sold over 1.2 million PPVs for the Tank Davis fight, O’Malley wanted the bout. Garcia responded to that call out. 

“A boxing fight [with Ryan Garcia] is possible. For sure. I’m not there yet, I’ve still got to become bigger [as a star]. Two more…sick performances and we’ll be able to talk about going to the ring… I do feel like I could pull numbers. They told me, you can do a boxing fight one hundred percent if it makes us enough money. So the option is there it just has to be able to make enough money,” O’Malley said 

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