Ryan Garcia’s B Sample Gets Opened; Boxer Tests Positive

The B sample for Ryan Garcia’s VADA test has been opened, and the results have come back positive. 

Garcia tested positive for Ostarine following two urine samples taken on April 19 and April 20. His victory against Devin Haney could now be in doubt. Garcia denies taking PEDs. He has requested the B Sample while also getting all his supplements tested for possible contamination. Haney’s attorney has requested that the New York State Athletic Commission disqualify Garcia, giving Haney the win. 

The B sample has confirmed the A sample. This means Garcia will likely get a ban/see the result turned into a no-contest. Strict liability means boxers are responsible for what they consume. The amount of Ostarine in Garcia’s system will impact the length of any ban. His attorney revealed the amount did not have any performance-enhancing benefits. 

“We are dealing only with a known supplement contaminant in the billionth of a gram range that provided Ryan Garcia with no performance-enhancing benefit whatsoever on fight night,” Darin Chavez (Garcia’s attorney)

Garcia’ legal team have said the boxer has had a hair follicle test, which came back negative, as they will try to prove contamination.

“Ryan Garcia is, and has always been, committed to clean and fair competition. He vehemently denies any intentional use of a banned substance. Soon after being notified of his positive test, Ryan voluntarily had his hair collected and shipped to Dr. Pascal Kintz, the foremost expert in toxicology and hair sample analysis.

The results of Ryan’s hair sample came back negative, meaning Ryan has never intentionally taken Ostarine in the last six months…We are certain that one of the natural supplements Ryan was using in the lead up to the fight will prove to be contaminated and are in the process of testing the supplements to determine the exact source,” Garcia’s legal team

However, Bill Haney has responded by calling Garcia a cheater. Meanwhile, Devin claims the hair sample is irrelevant since Garcia’s team would know he would test positive.

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“Ryan and his team knew he would test positive. That’s why they did a…hair test on their own, which who really knows if they did it,” Devin Haney revealed 


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